Sucha Mela 2024 is a FREE outdoor Panjabi Festival for families to enjoy and experience Panjabi hospitality like no other. Sucha means ‘pure’, and ‘mela’ means gathering. Also representing Sucha Singh Uppal who as an international tabla master from Willenhall emodies our bold ambition of global impact from local humble beginnings.
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About Sucha Mela

A community festival with global representation

Panjabi hospitality at its finest

We had a simple mission, to bring mainstream artists to our town and celebrate Panjabi culture in the spirit of unity, togetherness community. Sucha Mela brings international superstars from the world of bhangra, bollywood and traditional folk music on the big stage in unique festival atmosphere that includes dance, street-food, funfair, exhibition and lots of live music. Enjoyed by over 10,000 people in 2023.

Our Vision

“To create a vibrant and inclusive celebration of Panjabi culture that brings together families and communities to experience the high-quality arts, rich traditions, music, and hospitality of Panjab, fostering unity and joy for all.”

From humble beginning to global impact

Sucha Singh Uppal

Sucha Mela is named after Willenhall resident Sucha Singh Uppal, who as migrant that came to the UK in 1964 settled in the Midlands. He brought with him a wealth of musical knowledge having mastered the tabla, a traditional North Indian drum that is the cornerstone of all Panjabi Music.

Sucha Singh went on to play with some of the biggest names in the Panjabi music industry including Muhammad Saqid, Asa Singh Mastana, Parkash Kaur, Surinder Kaur, Narinder Biba, Pyara Lal, Hans Raj Hans and the list go ones. He continues to be a massive inspiration for both the culture and heritage representing local humble beginnings to global impact.

Sucha means ‘pure’ and ‘mela’ means gathering – and so a gathering in its purest form is the essence of our family focused event.

Our Mission

Cultural Celebration: To host an immersive festival that showcases the diversity and richness of Panjabi music, dance, and traditions, featuring international superstars and local talent to provide an unforgettable cultural experience.

Community Engagement: To create a family-friendly environment that encourages participation and enjoyment for people of all ages, fostering a sense of community and togetherness through shared experiences of food, funfair, exhibitions, and live performances.

Sustainable Growth: To expand and enhance the festival each year, building on the success of previous events to attract larger audiences and offer more diverse and innovative programming, while maintaining a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity for all attendees.

The Team

A local team with global experience

The Sucha Mela team is made up of a local steering committee of passionate music fanatics, community champions and media partners. Genesis Media is the founder of Sucha Mela and is supported in its mission by Aces Records, Darroch House Consultancy, and supported annually by powerhouse media partners such as PTC Panjabi and RadioXL.

The Mela is backed by local businesses, Councillors and the local Walsall Authority, especially by Cllr. Simran Cheema representative of Willenhall.

Our team has extensive experience in organising and executing major events across the world including Ranjit Bawa’s first UK and European Tours, Satinder Sartaaj as well as international conferences, broadcasting and media expertise.

Building on from our first year

Sucha Mela 2023

With a vision to offer an unparalleled celebration of Panjabi culture, Sucha Mela 2023 saw over 10,000 attendees flock to Willenhall Memorial Park. The festival expanded its offerings, including a broader array of international superstars in bhangra, Bollywood, and traditional folk music. The addition of more diverse food stalls, interactive exhibitions, and a lively funfair further enhanced the festival atmosphere, solidifying its reputation as a must- attend event.

Through consistent commitment to excellence, community engagement, and cultural richness, Sucha Mela has transformed from a grassroots gathering into a prominent fixture on the cultural calendar.

Sucha Mela 2023 programmes international superstars including Surinder Shinda, JK, Panjabi MC, Sardara Gill, Angrej Ali and more.

Setting our flagpole in Willenhall’s ground

Sucha Mela 2022

Since its inception, Sucha Mela has steadily built its audience and reputation, evolving from humble beginnings into a full-scale production. In 2022, the festival attracted a modest but enthusiastic crowd, captivated by the authentic Panjabi experience and high-quality performances. Word of mouth and positive feedback fueled its growth, leading to an even more successful event in 2023.

It set the standard for international artists to pave the way for Willenhall’s premier festival and included performances from Sukshinder Shinda, Apachie Indian, DCS, Premi Johal, Balbir Bhujangy and more.